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Where applicable, any barriers to entry within the Canadian trucking community were explained to separate those technologies which could likely be used to those that would likely never gain widespread acceptance due to operational barriers For heavy vehicles such as tractor-trailer combinations and buses, pressure drag is the dominant component due to the large surfaces facing the main flow direction and due to the large wake resulting from the bluntness of the back end of such vehicles.Although friction drag occurs along the external surfaces of heavy vehicles, particularly along the sides and top of buses and trailers, its contribution to overall drag is small (10% or less) and is not a strong candidate for drag-reduction technologies.A study concluded that the percentage contribution of pressure drag on the baseline vehicle was 93.3% whereas the contribution of pressure drag on the LCV was 91.7%.

Additionally, it is of interest to determine how these devices may affect other vehicles and vulnerable road users in close proximity to the tractor trailers or buses.And if so, what configuration would be best suited to optimize drag reduction between the two trailers of an LCV.This study could be performed at both gaps to quantify the incremental effect of add on devices, compared to the large reductions that are achieved via the removal of one of the tractors.However, there are very little data pertaining to North American LCVs experiencing variable wind yaw angles corresponding to a yearly wind averaged drag.Wind tunnel testing could be used to quantify the drag reduction of a North American type LCV taking wind averaged drag into consideration.

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